Web/Application Development


To meet clients' emerging needs in the DX era through technology collaboration.

We use our strength as a comprehensive design company specializing in web system and application development for the manufacturing industry.Not only application of existing technology, but also actively utilize the latest technology including AI as a partner of clients' DX. We are an expert group that continues to evolve together.


Service Introduction

Requirement definition, Specification Decision, Basic Design, Detailed Design, Debug and also Support on-site Surveys and Adjustments.

【Development Environments】

Development Platforms Windows, Linux, QNX, etc.
Databases Oracle, Apache Derby, SQL Server, etc.
Development Tools Eclipse, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Spring Tool Suite
Development Languages
and Frameworks
C++, C#, Java, Python, AngularJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, ASP.NET Core

Service list

Service list


Web System Development

A Wide Range of Support from Various Web System Developments, Requirement Definition, Basic Design, Detailed Design, Implementation(Front End, Back End), Test, Release, to Operation/Maintenance
■Development Environments
Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Spring Tool Suite, Eclipse, etc.
■Programming Languages and Frameworks
C#, C++, Java, Python, TypeScript, Angular, ASP.NET, .NET Core Blazor, etc.
SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
Autodesk Forge API
■Case Studies
Construction Law Process Management System, BIM360 ExtensionTools

Application Development

Various Application Developments(Video Playback Application Development using DirectX, CAD Automatic Drawing Tool Development, etc.)
■Development Environments
Visual Studio
■Programming Languages and Frameworks
C#, C++
DirectX, AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, etc.
■Case Studies
Video Management Software, Call Center System, CAD Operation Abbreviation Tool, CAD Design Review Tool, Revit Automatic Drawing Tools

Others(Infrastructure, Advanced Technology, etc.)

Cloud Service Construction/Operation(Azure, AWS), Virtual Infrastructure Construction, Infrastructure Construction(Router, Server, Domain, etc.), IoT(Predictive Maintenance, Local Network Monitoring, Visualization), AI technology(Autonomous Driving Technology, Conductor Analysis, Skeleton Detection, Facial Recognition, etc.)
■Case Studies
Compilation of In-house Questionnaires, Failure Prediction by Vibration Analysis(MT Method/VAE)