Mechatronics Design


Drive the transformation of the manufacturing industry through the collaboration of machines, control and system.

We focus on machine/control/system design for automation equipment such as conveyor/storage equipment, car wash machine, machine tool, robot, etc. We also provide the ancillary business of design. As a comprehensive design company, we realize that digitization is indispensable for dynamic capability. Therefore, we are actively embarking on the challenge of cross-industry multiplayer development and responding with creative approaches.

Service list

Service list


Mechanical Design

Planning and examining of machines and equipment, Requirement Definition, Specifications Creation, Development Design, Basic Design, Detailed Design, Layout Planning, Various Calculations, 3D Analysis, etc.
■Design Tools
AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Mechanical, ICADSX, MX, Microcadam, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, etc.
■Case Studies
Material handling equipment for distribution factories, Delivery equipment for automobile production plants, Delivery equipment for liquid crystal and semiconductor production factories, Car Wash Machine, Machine Tools

Control Design

By referring to the V-model, we offer services ranging from specification/design/programming to the delivery of a control system corresponding to various control devices, such as delivery/storage equipment/temperature control/Fluid control/image analysis, etc.
■Design Tools
GX Works, GT Designer, Sysmac Studio, CX-Programmer, CX-Designer, GP-Pro EX, JavaScript, etc.
■Case Studies
Automatic material handling equipment for semiconductor and liquid crystal panel manufacturing factories, Automatic delivery equipment for distribution warehouses.

System Design

Robotics, SCADA, WMS, etc. System requirement definition for manufacturing and logistics, Basic and detailed design, Coding, Unit and integration test, Delivery and operation support
■Development Environments
Eclipse, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, etc.
Oracle, Apache Derby, etc.
■Programming Languages
Java, C Language, C++, Python, etc.
JTAG Emulator, etc.
■Case Studies
Automatic material handling systems for semiconductor and liquid crystal panel manufacturing factories, Automatic delivery system for distribution warehouses, Stacker cranes